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Getting loyalty program members back to cruise travel through personalized marketing

The problem

As global travel demand rebounded in early 2022, arrivia saw an urgent need to re-engage a significant population of avid cruisers who had turned to other forms of travel during the pandemic, including close-to-home and drive-to-destination options.


The solution

Working closely with four cruise line partners, arrivia developed a print media marketing campaign with a heavy focus on direct mail. A series of awe-inspiring postcards highlighted special cruise offers and packages to incentivize their target customer – members who had booked a cruise through arrivia in the past — to get back to sailing.

The strategy was tailored to reach contemporary and luxury cruise markets, using personalized messaging based on the member’s most recent online travel searches and bookings.

Arrivia used modular and templated designs to enable a highly scalable and rapid-deployment solution. The print campaign was linked to the target members’ profiles; they also received emails as a follow-up to the personalized postcards.


The results

Campaign data revealed that members who received a mailer were four times more likely to book a cruise online or call an agent to book their cruise travel than members who hadn’t received the mailer.  The campaign dramatically shifted arrivia’s booking cruise performance and continues to drive thousands of dollars in increased monthly revenue.