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View of Westgate Resort whose owners now have full access to the Westgate Cruise and Travel Collection, powered by arrivia, as an embedded benefit of their vacation ownership. 
News 04/16/2024
Westgate Resorts Extends Partnership with arrivia
SCOTTSDALE, AZ, APRIL 16, 2024 — Arrivia and Westgate Resorts announced today the enhancement and extension of their strategic partnership...
Elevate Your Customer Experience: Selecting the Ideal Travel Rewards Program Partner
Arrivia Whitepapers 04/11/2024
Whitepaper: Elevate Your Customer Experience: Selecting the Ideal Travel Rewards Program Partner
In today’s competitive landscape, distinguishing your brand through a loyalty program is more crucial than ever. However, not all loyalty...
A young woman participating in a loyalty program using her loyalty card and smartphone to make purchases.
Insights 03/26/2024
5 Real-Life Customer Loyalty Program Examples
So many business leaders are asking, “How do you convert customers into loyal customers?” — when really, the question should...
Events 03/26/2024
Discover the Future of Travel Tech with Arrivia at the ARDA Spring Conference Timeshare Together 2024
Embark on a transformative journey at the ARDA Spring Conference 2024, where arrivia is setting the stage for the next...
A crystal ball on a beautiful beach destination reflecting a beautiful shoreline.
Insights 03/22/2024
What the Top Travel Brands Are Predicting for 2024
While today’s top travel brands may not have a crystal ball to prophesize the future, we have enough reliable data...
Loyalty program stakeholder meeting reviewing Request for Proposals (RFP) for a new loyalty program.
Insights 03/20/2024
Loyalty Program RFPs: Key Elements and Best Practices
From points-for-perks programs like Delta SkyMiles to paid subscriptions like Amazon Prime, the largest loyalty program in the world, every...
travel loyalty member enjoying the wellness benefits of traveling
Insights 03/15/2024
The Psychology of Effective Loyalty Programs
When it comes to effective loyalty programs, deep-rooted brand loyalty isn’t the result of clever program names or attractive platform...
adventurous couple exploring Norway using travel loyalty membership perks
Insights 03/12/2024
10 Membership Perks for Customer Engagement
Between rising inflation rates and the ramifications of the pandemic, it’s significantly more expensive to acquire new customers — 222%...
woman smiling at her phone because she just received travel rewards
Arrivia Whitepapers 03/06/2024
Whitepaper: The Impact of Mobile Technology on Travel Rewards Platforms
Technology has continuously shaped the travel and hospitality industry; however, increasing consumer reliance on mobile technology—especially as it pertains to...
Woman having a wonderful time traveling using her travel rewards program for a great experience.
Insights 03/04/2024
7 Best Loyalty Travel Solutions of 2024
Travel loyalty runs deep in the United States. Of the millions of Americans that belong to a loyalty program, nearly...
The Comeback Kid
Arrivia Whitepapers 02/29/2024
Whitepaper: What to Expect from the Cruise Industry in 2024
In the early months of 2020, over 32 million cruise passengers expected to set sail. Imagine their surprise when only...
Relaxed Travel Loyalty Couple Sailing on the open water.
Insights 02/26/2024
What is the Definition of Customer Loyalty?
All too often, business owners and decision-makers view customer loyalty as numbers and percentages, not names and people. Yet, while...
Happy child in white t-shirt and helmet having fun ziplining in experiential travel.
Insights 02/21/2024
Travelers Will be Considering These 3 Factors When Booking a Trip in 2024
2024 is slated to be a huge year for travel. As per a Forbes Advisor survey of 1,000 Americans, nine...
A new report from arrivia which explores how consumer attitudes toward travel have evolved since 2021, alongside travel brand and loyalty program goals amid continued increases in travel
News 02/15/2024
2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Report Uncovers Changing Consumer Sentiment
The new report from arrivia explores how consumer attitudes toward travel have evolved since 2021, alongside travel brand and loyalty...
Front cover and sample pages of arrivia's 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Report about how loyalty brands with travel rewards can succeed in the current climate
Reports & Surveys 02/15/2024
Arrivia’s 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Report
What do consumers want from their travel loyalty reward programs, and are loyalty providers delivering? We first sought to answer...
How to be the Hero for Your Customers.
Arrivia Whitepapers 02/14/2024
Whitepaper: The Ultimate Guide to Providing Customer Loyalty
The era in which customer loyalty programs surpass the importance of brand experiences isn’t just arriving—it’s already here. A shocking...