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Woman sitting using a laptop to book a trip and travel insurance through arrivia’s travel privileges platform.
Insights 09/28/2022
Travel is booming and so is the cost of travel insurance
Arrivia CEO Mike Nelson explains why travel insurance rates are on the rise and tips to save money when purchasing travel insurance.
Image containing the six successful travel loyalty program components, including providing customer value, more travel options and easy booking capability
News 09/21/2022
Six key components of successful travel loyalty programs
There are six key components all successful travel loyalty programs share: value, options, booking, flexible currency, customer service and marketing.
Timeshare property overlooking the ocean that is now part of the arrivia brand portfolio through its acquisition of Redweek
News 09/07/2022
Arrivia acquires RedWeek, the largest and most reputable online timeshare marketplace
Arrivia strengthens its offerings and brand portfolio with the addition of Redweek.
Women learning about her credit union’s travel rewards and benefits program
News 09/02/2022
Travel rewards and benefits provide credit unions a path to drive growth and member loyalty
Arrivia Chief Experience Officer Travis Markel shares how travel rewards and benefits can help credit unions provide undeniable value to members.
Arrivia’s Patrick Young speaking at the 2022 Co-brand & Travel Rewards Summit
Events 09/02/2022
Join arrivia the 2022 Co-brand & Travel Rewards Summit, hosted by
September 21-22, 2022
Join arrivia’s SVP of Strategic Business Development, Patrick Young, at the 2022 Co-brand & Travel Rewards Summit September 21-22 in Wilmington, Delaware.
Travel loyalty program member experiencing value booking travel through arrivia’s travel privileges platform
News 08/30/2022
Driving value through travel rewards and benefits
Arrivia CMO Jeff Zotara shares how loyalty programs can provide members with travel options they want to deliver with the value they demand.
Employees at a benefits training discussing employer-sponsored travel rewards and benefits
News 08/29/2022
Increase employee engagement with employer-sponsored travel rewards
Arrivia's Chief People and Diversity Officer Jennifer Strauel shares how investing in loyalty programs can inspire employee loyalty.
Group of employees discussing their travel plans using arrivia's employer-sponsored travel benefits platform
News 08/25/2022
How employer-sponsored benefits are supporting workforces abroad
Arrivia’s Chief People and Diversity Officer, Jennifer Strauel, shares why employer-sponsored travel benefits help attract and retain talent.
Passengers driving go-karts on the top deck of a cruise ship and enjoying the rebound of cruise travel as the CDC lifts vaccination requirements
Insights 08/19/2022
Tapping into cruise demand and competitive pricing to drive loyalty
With its affordable pricing, cruise is an in-demand travel option loyalty programs can use to grow their business and deliver exceptional value to members.
Passenger enjoying ziplining onboard a cruise ship vacation that she redeemed through a travel loyalty program that offers cruise travel as an option
News 08/16/2022
Why cruise travel is gaining momentum in loyalty programs
Growing consumer demand for cruise travel and competitive pricing are creating more opportunities for loyalty programs and their members.
Arrivia’s Jeff Zotara sharing how companies that offer travel rewards and exclusive pricing can improve customer acquisition and retention
News 08/09/2022
The impact loyalty marketing has on customer acquisition and retention
Arrivia CMO Jeff Zotara shares how offering valuable incentives like travel rewards and exclusive pricing can improve customer acquisition and retention.
Woman laughing with a coworker about the vacation she booked using arrivia's employer-sponsored travel benefits platform
News 08/02/2022
How travel benefits and rewards boost wellness and employee retention
Arrivia’s Chief People and Diversity Officer, Jennifer Strauel, shares how arrivia is making their employees feel valued through offering travel rewards and why companies that offer travel benefits stand out from competitors.
Members of financial loyalty programs enjoying the benefits of travel rewards
Insights 07/29/2022
Creating rewarding experiences through travel
Travel rewards can help financial loyalty programs improve cardholder signing and retention goals and create rewarding experiences that customers want.
arrivia’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Zotara, Chief Experience Officer Travis Markel and Chief People and Diversity Officer Jennifer Strauel Strauel weigh in on the role emotional loyalty plays in member retention
News 07/27/2022
How emotional loyalty can build lasting customer relationships
Members of arrivia's executive team share how brands can retain customers by providing a loyalty program that delivers emotional connection.
Cruise ships docked in Australia carrying YONDA members who booked cruise and tour experiences on arrivia’s platform
News 07/22/2022
Arrivia and YONDA launch cruise and tour experience in Australia
Arrivia partners with Australian Holiday Club provider YONDA, to offer local members exclusive deals from leading global cruise lines and tour operators.
Couple enjoying a dream beach vacation they have earned using travel rewards through their bank’s credit card loyalty program
News 07/20/2022
Travel perks and financial brands: a perfect loyalty match
Arrivia CMO Jeff Zotara shares how financial institutions and credit card companies can leverage the recent surge in travel demand.