Membership organizations

Member-based groups like trade associations, professional clubs and unions must provide individuals with benefits and value-adds to keep them engaged and encourage new sign-ups. Exclusive travel offers and savings are very effective incentives for membership programs of all sizes to boost retention and revenues.

Yet most member-based groups don't have the right technology or in-house solutions to deliver those incentives. Without access to a comprehensive range of travel options, deep discounts or travel booking capabilities, providing additional member benefits that drive growth will remain a challenge.

How arrivia can help:

Your own branded travel incentives solution


Keep members booking and interacting within your branded ecosystem, not someone else's. Our combination of rich content and intuitive technology provides everything you need to offer members the best travel booking and member rewards experience along with undeniable value.

Offer exclusive members-only pricing


Provide exceptional value to members by creating a branded travel club exclusively for them. We put the buying power of your member base to work to deliver deep discounts on travel that aren't available to the public. Add additional tiers to your program and reward loyalty while driving more engagement.

Adjust margins to support business needs


Maximize new revenue streams that can support your organization's growth. Through our travel privileges platform, we have the ability to balance margins based on your business goals.

Versatile currencies that reward desired behaviors


Reward your members' behaviors or specific milestones with a flexible rewards currency that members can use with other payment methods to increase their travel spending within your members' only travel club.

Travel and hospitality providers

Most major travel brands such as airlines or hotel and timeshare groups have well-developed loyalty programs that are significant revenue and profitability drivers. But those programs typically don't provide all the travel options customers expect to book through travel brands' direct channels.

Many established programs are also challenged by integrating new travel options and a broader range of inventory into their loyalty redemption process without adding more resources and negotiating with many one-off suppliers.

How arrivia can help

Travel options that keep members booking


Don't give your customers a reason to book their travel via online travel agents or other third-party sites. We provide you with access to the most comprehensive travel options available, including options that aren't typically available to loyalty program members, to offer more high-margin travel products alongside yours.

Robust booking solutions that deliver


Give your loyalty program members a better booking experience that includes all the travel options they might need in one place. Our white-label platform makes it easy to integrate the vast array of travel products we offer into any existing system.

A flexible loyalty currency that rewards


Increase earning and redemption opportunities within your program while reducing liability with a flexible currency that's redeemable across all travel products. With our proprietary currency, you don't have to choose between your points or ours.

Attractive margins and discounts


Incentivize redemption and reduce liability by determining the level of savings or discounts available to members. Our platform allows you to present offers to customers based on their status and your margin needs.

Financial services

Although many financial services brands, including banks, credit unions and credit card providers, offer rewards programs, most don't have the breadth of travel options or lifestyle benefits that customers and cardholders expect today. And that's a problem if they want to encourage spending within their ecosystem.

Financial brands also face multiple challenges in delivering tailored travel recommendations and offers that drive specific outcomes, lowering points liability, and increasing program participation and frequency.

How arrivia can help:

Exclusive members-only pricing


Create exceptional value by offering your rewards program members the most competitive inventory of travel offers and discounts - available exclusively to them through your brand.

Comprehensive travel content for all members


Create a one-stop resource for any trip-related needs. Our global travel portfolio includes cruises, hotels, resorts and vacation properties, unique activities and experiences and the lowest airfares and car rental rates available anywhere.

Advanced marketing capabilities


Improve your marketing effectiveness with personalized offers that align with members' needs and behaviors. We manage the process, from content creation to deployment and reporting, expanding your travel content and improving your program's stickiness.

Proprietary loyalty currency


Reward specific member behavior or individual milestones by offering a flexible points-based currency that can be combined with cash or other payment methods to increase travel spending within your loyalty ecosystem. You can use our flexible loyalty currency or integrate your existing one.

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