Our travel software platform helps you:

Power your closing tools

Create lifetime value

Drive customer behavior

Enhance your programs

Add incremental revenue

Propel lead acquisition

Create rebate and reward programs

Increase brand loyalty

Arrivia, Our travel software platform helps you:
Arrivia, Our travel software platform helps you:
Arrivia, Our travel software platform helps you:
Arrivia, Our travel software platform helps you:


  • 30,000 itineraries across 44+ cruise lines

Hotels & Resorts

  • 1M+ worldwide hotels and vacation homes

Car Rentals & Flights

  • 30,000 worldwide pickup locations
  • 700+ global airlines including full-service and low-cost carriers

Tours & Experiences

  • 5,500 unique hosted tours
  • 150,000+ unique experiences around the world

Loyalty programs

Our loyalty programs unlock access to travel benefits and powerful earn-and-burn rewards. Through Savings Credits (our self-funded currency), consumers enjoy deep savings on tens of thousands of travel itineraries.

Free-trial and upgraded benefits:

  • Up to 60% off travel
  • Enrollment incentives
  • Re-engagement offers
  • Specialty sales

Incentive programs

Based on your business needs, we’ll create unique incentive and/or closing tools. These can be used to drive new leads or to fuel engagement inside existing bases. Our solutions can supplement existing programs or function as a stand-alone product.

Uniquely packaged incentives:

  • Loyalty or referral rewards
  • Vacation gift cards
  • Sales incentives
  • Maintenance or club fee rebates
  • E-certificates or customized savings cards

Membership & subscriptions

We’ll help maximize the value you deliver to your audience. Through our programs, your members can use earn-and-burn currencies to unlock wholesale travel rates. And with uniquely packaged memberships, we’ll build the right suite of benefits to increase engagement, transactions, and ultimately, new revenue streams inside your brand.

We fund these benefits through powerful:

  • Tiered Memberships & Upgrades
  • Low Cost Subscriptions
  • Vacation Packages
  • Full-Service Memberships

Custom technology

Our custom-branded booking capabilities for closed user groups drive creative business solutions for your company. With more than $21M invested in our technology in 2019-20, we are continually focused on innovating and adapting to meet your needs.

  • Deliver more value to your members
  • Create incentive strategies
  • Uncover new revenue streams

Travel and lifestyle benefits

Cash and loyalty currencies

Powerful booking tools

Global fulfillment services

Dynamic yield engines

Added functionality and features:

Multiple languages supported

Best Value Guarantee promise

Retail rate comparison

Intuitive member portal

Earn and burn currencies

Real-time analytics

Flexible pricing options

Multi-feed inventory

Want to expand your business?