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happy-loyalty-program-members-enjoying-their-travel-benefits-from-their loyalty-program
Insights 01/29/2024
How to Implement Effective Customer Retention Loyalty Programs
How do you build loyalty and retention, not just for now but for the long term? After all, if it...
Team of three employees discussing travel api solutions.
Insights 01/18/2024
The Ultimate Guide to Travel API Solutions
Travel businesses are well-versed in exotic destinations, luxury accommodations, and global once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But technology? That’s not every provider’s strong...
Business Couple Walking to the Airport.
Insights 01/11/2024
B2B Loyalty Programs: A Complete Guide [With Examples]
B2B advertising has soared in the United States, skyrocketing from $28.9 billion in 2021 to $37.7 billion in 2024, with...
A woman with a camera taking photographs of the city view.
Insights 01/09/2024
Effective Travel Agency Technology Solutions for 2024
Total travel spending in the United States can reach upwards of $104 billion in just one month, with the average family of four spending nearly $2,000 on a domestic vacation per week. In an industry as lucrative as travel, remaining current with the latest travel agency technology is crucial for traditional and online travel agencies...
Rental car employee handing over a pair of keys.
Insights 01/04/2024
Car Rental Reservation Systems: Everything You Need to Know
There are nearly 2 million rental cars in service in the United States. The rental car industry is projected to...
A group of travelers standing outside laughing.
Insights 01/02/2024
How To Name Your Rewards Program: 5 Tips and Examples
Crafting the perfect name for your rewards program is more than just a creative challenge; it’s a strategic decision in...
global business international travel concept
Insights 12/29/2023
Understanding the Global Distribution System (GDS) in Travel
Few industries move as quickly—nor in as high of quantities—as travel. More than 45,000 flights take off daily, nearly 3...
Smiling woman on the computer using a travel booking software platform.
Insights 12/26/2023
Travel Booking Software Platforms: Choosing the Right Solution for Your Needs
Navigating an array of travel booking software platforms can be daunting. Not only does each promise the pinnacle of convenience...
View of a laptop computer internet booking engine.
Insights 12/21/2023
What is an Internet Booking Engine (IBE)?
Are you on the hunt for one software application that can simplify the reservation process, improve conversion rates, enhance customer...
man on the computer using a b2b travel portal
Insights 12/19/2023
What is a B2B Travel Portal (and Why Do You Need One)?
Digital modernization of travel portals is necessary for the industry’s future. According to research by McKinsey, the travel industry became...
Saleswoman helping a customer with a loyalty points program.
Insights 12/14/2023
Points-Based Loyalty Programs: How do Points-Based Loyalty Systems Work?
A consistent goal among business brands is customer retention, which leads to higher profits and growth. A loyalty points program...
a woman on her phone using business travel solutions
Insights 12/11/2023
Business Travel Solutions: Simplifying Corporate Travel Management
Domestic and international business travel in the United States amounts to nearly $387 billion in annual revenue. Though business travelers...
A man and a woman on vacation holding a map.
Insights 12/07/2023
B2B Travel Solutions: Enhancing Efficiency and Profitability in the Travel Industry
1.3 million. That’s the average amount of business trips taken daily, not accounting for the 460 million business travelers that...
Bank employee showing a customer the mobile wallet solutions.
Insights 12/04/2023
Mobile Wallet Solutions: How to Leverage Them to Improve Customer Engagement
Mobile wallet solutions are reshaping the retail landscape, offering a blend of simplicity, speed, and security for physical and digital...
Group of tourists in Rome, Italy, looking at a monument.
Insights 11/30/2023
Customer Loyalty Analytics: How to Collect & Interpret Loyalty Program Data
In the competitive arena of customer retention, customer loyalty analytics emerges as a pivotal force, enabling businesses to decipher complex...
Group of friends traveling together using points from a paid loyalty program.
Insights 11/28/2023
What Are Paid Loyalty Programs: Pros & Cons
Unlocking consumer loyalty has never been as pivotal of an objective as it is for organizations in today’s uncertain macroeconomic...