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Front cover and sample pages of arrivia's 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Report about how loyalty brands with travel rewards can succeed in the current climate
Reports & Surveys 02/15/2024
Arrivia’s 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Report
What do consumers want from their travel loyalty reward programs, and are loyalty providers delivering? We first sought to answer...
Travel consumers walking through a cave after being surveyed by arrivia about their 2024 travel plans and the role of travel rewards and loyalty programs
Reports & Surveys 12/13/2023
The Pathway to Program Profits: Arrivia’s 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Snapshot 
In today’s dynamic travel marketplace, brands with travel rewards programs face the dual challenge of meeting consumer demands for value...
Infographic showing data from recent arrivia cruise travel survey conducted in Q3 2022
Reports & Surveys 12/02/2022
Cruise demand remains strong amongst U.S. travelers going into 2023 [infographic]
/cruise-demand-trends-survey-fall-2022-infographicMost U.S. travelers are planning a cruise in the next two years. Heading into 2023, we highlight the key findings from an arrivia survey on cruise trends.
Infographic displaying recent traveler trends and preferences taken from an arrivia survey of US travel rewards members in Q3, 2022
Reports & Surveys 11/10/2022
Uncovering the preferences of a travel rewards program member [infographic]
The reward factor: How the travel preferences of loyalty program members stack up against the typical American leisure traveler. Value...
Front cover of Arrivia’s Q3 2022 survey report of travel rewards program members in the United States
Reports & Surveys 10/14/2022
The rewarding state of travel: What loyalty program members are looking for
A new Q3 2022 survey report from arrivia reveals the unique tendencies of preferences of travel rewards program members in the United States.
Infographic image with icons and 2022 travel loyalty outlook survey data which reveals American traveler preferences and desire for greater value from travel rewards
Reports & Surveys 07/18/2022
Travel Loyalty Outlook ’22: what the numbers reveal [infographic]
Consumers want more value when it comes to travel; our new infographic reveals the latest trends and highlights which travel benefits can deliver that value.
Female traveler benefiting from travel rewards enjoying a scenic waterfall
Reports & Surveys 06/16/2022
Where travel meets loyalty
Americans are ready to travel again but not at any cost. Value should be top of mind for loyalty providers that offer travel rewards.
Two credit union members excited about the travel benefits and travel rewards offered by their credit union
Reports & Surveys 06/07/2022
Better Together: Five ways credit unions can grow their membership
A travel rewards and benefits program can help credit unions grow their membership and engage existing members while enabling them to grow raise revenue.
Woman taking a bucket list trip booked through arrivia's employee loyalty and rewards platform is hiking the great wall of China
Reports & Surveys 05/25/2022
Powering your recruitment and retention strategies
Employer-sponsored travel benefits promote a better work-life balance and can help employers recruit and retain workers through the Great Resignation.
consumers take travel 2022 survey
Reports & Surveys 03/30/2022
U.S. Consumers Are Packing Their Bags for Travel in 2022
A new survey report from arrivia shows the travel rebound has arrived, with many U.S. travelers having already booked trips.
Responding to the travel rebound: How should travel companies adjust their loyalty strategies?
Reports & Surveys 02/28/2022
Consumers Optimistic About Cruise Travel in 2022
A recent survey conducted by arrivia of 1,453 American travelers finds they are ready to set sail this year, and value is a key driver.
At arrivia, we believe full-service travel rewards and booking options are exactly the kind of service offerings that will resonate.
Reports & Surveys
Finally Cleared for Takeoff, Vacationers Still Prioritize Value
Recently arrivia conducted a travel sentiment survey with our membership. The majority of the travelers surveyed recognize the value associated with travel loyalty programs, with 63% holding frequent flier status with at least one airline.