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Offer a portfolio of personalized travel perks to amplify program value for

Finance brands

Although many financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and insurance providers, offer loyalty perks, rapid evolutions in consumer preferences and technology platforms have rendered most rewards programs irrelevant.

Most financial services loyalty programs lack the breadth of travel options and lifestyle benefits that customers and cardholders expect today—and that’s a significant challenge for providers that want to encourage spending within their ecosystem.

That’s why iconic brands in financial services partner with arrivia.

At a time when financial brands face increasing difficulties in delivering tailored travel recommendations and relevant promotions, arrivia powers thousands of coveted travel options at the lowest available rates anywhere in the world.

With a flexible loyalty currency that rewards banking and credit customers for continuous business, arrivia enables financial institutions to reduce points liability, increase program participation and frequency, and maximize ancillary revenue.

Unlock business advantages

Boost business with
the travel boom

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Extraordinary travel content

One-stop shop for travel-related needs

With 1 in every 10 travelers booking an exclusive travel product or service unavailable anywhere other than through their loyalty program, arrivia empowers finance brands to create a one-stop resource for their customers’ trip-related needs.

Our customizable white label travel portal provides access to thousands of cruise itineraries, hotel and resort chains, vacation properties, unique activities and experiences, and the lowest airfares and car rental rates worldwide.

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Exclusive marketing capabilities

Advance marketing effectiveness

Financial institutions cater to a wide range of customer demographics, making proper marketing segmentation impractical at best and impossible at worst. Enter the arrivia in-house marketing team, which fully manages your financial services loyalty program so you can focus more on what matters—serving customers.

Arrivia steers the entire process, from content creation to deployment and reporting, leveraging sophisticated marketing segmentation and automation software to deliver personalized offers that align with customers’ preferences. Data sourced from your loyalty management platform enhances acquisition and retention efforts.

Maximize engagement

Arrivia boosts engagement and revenue through efficient loyalty management and travel rewards, enhancing member interaction while reducing marketing costs.

The Problem

A sizeable financial cooperative sought to improve member engagement and the advertising effectiveness of its travel benefits and offerings.

The Solution

Arrivia implemented online behavior tracking to deliver highly personalized retargeting ads and relevant offers at the right time and in the right channel.

The Results

100% increase in online member engagement while reducing the advertising cost per travel purchase by an impressive 90%.
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Ecosystem-specific currency

Reward specific member behavior and milestones

Whether you’d prefer a transactional loyalty program that employs an earn-and-burn redemption model to quickly redeem loyalty points or a tier-based loyalty system that implements redemption levels for high-value rewards, arrivia provides increasingly cost-effective redemption solutions.

Reward specific member behavior or individual milestones by offering a flexible, points-based currency that can be combined with cash or other payment methods to increase travel spending within your loyalty ecosystem. You can deploy our flexible loyalty currency or integrate your existing one.

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Exceptional brand value

Ultra competitive travel inventory

Nearly three-quarters of consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by financial services loyalty rewards. With arrivia’s vast global portfolio, your finance brand can create exceptional value by offering customers the most competitive inventory of travel discounts—available exclusively to them through your brand.

As a white label travel portal and loyalty management solution, arrivia empowers financial institutions to deliver premier travel offers and seamless booking experiences, all through a fully branded and highly secure platform. We are your technology partner to deliver value and drive revenue steadily.

The best partnerships always begin with arrivia

Arrivia powers some of the most iconic names in banking, credit unions, and insurance.

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