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How To Name Your Rewards Program: 5 Tips and Examples

Crafting the perfect name for your rewards program is more than just a creative challenge; it’s a strategic decision in defining your program’s identity and appeal—a choice that will directly reflect your brand’s identity and desired customer loyalty experience. Nothing is more important than the ultimate brand recall regarding rewards program names.

Brand recall, or what consumers remember about a brand, is the most important driver of brand lift across marketing channels, from social media networks to native advertising platforms. Beyond the likelihood of consumers recognizing a rewards program name, brand recall guarantees that the program remains top of mind when considering a particular product, service, or business type.

Explore key strategies to ensure your rewards program’s name resonates with your identity and promotes brand recall. 

5 Tips for Naming Your Rewards Program

When brainstorming rewards program names, balancing creativity and clarity is essential. The chosen name should encapsulate the essence of your brand and the program’s benefits, all while resonating with your target audience and remaining easily memorable for your customers. So, what is a good name for a rewards program? Let these five tips guide the way. 

1. Align the Name with Your Brand and Audience

It pays to stay on-brand when ideating rewards program names. Because brand consistency can boost business revenue by over 20%, your rewards program’s name should be a natural extension of your brand’s identity. Whether your brand voice is sophisticated, whimsical, or rooted in tradition, your rewards program’s name should embody these qualities for a consistent brand experience.

Similarly, ensure the name resonates with your customer base. Consider their goals and aspirations, as a name that aligns your brand values with their expectations will attract them and create an emotional connection. Likewise, consider your audience’s language and culture, as your program’s name should be appealing across varying demographics and geographic locations.

2. Focus on Clarity and Memorability in Your Name

Straightforward yet catchy rewards program names enhance brand recall and make it easier for customers to remember and recommend your business. The key is balancing simplicity with impact. Names that directly convey the benefits—like the United Airlines “MileagePlus” travel-related program—help conjure up images of the customer loyalty experience the program offers.

Experimenting with colorful or descriptive language when naming your rewards program can be helpful. Play with language rhythms, rhymes, or alliteration for a catchy name that rolls off the tongue, like “Reward Road” or “Points Parade.” For instance, Celebrity Cruises offers a “Captain’s Club” cruise line loyalty program that customers feel is easy to remember (and recommend).

3. Differentiate Your Program with a Unique Name

Like any business element, your loyalty program must boast competitive distinction. Your program’s name should stand out, offering a fresh perspective compared to existing names. So, it’s vital first to evaluate the market and identify naming trends in your sector, then experiment with unique word combinations that capture the essence of your brand while remaining exclusive. 

It’s wise to utilize phrases or metaphors that reflect your brand’s core values, program benefits, or customer loyalty experience for a program name that tells a story. Take the North Face XPLR Pass loyalty program, for example. Pronounced like “explorer,” XPLR Pass captures customers’ love for adventure by rewarding loyalty program members for checking in at National Parks in the US. 

4. Choose a Scalable and Adaptable Name

Think beyond the present: Can the name of your loyalty program stand the test of time? The name of your rewards program should be versatile enough to accommodate evolving market trends in brand loyalty, changes in customer preferences, and an increase in customer loyalty, possibly expanding the program’s scope. The program name should be trendy but not become a time capsule.

Choose a name that allows for adjustments or expansions in your rewards program, such as adding new VIP tiers for long-time customers participating without needing a rebrand. Likewise, ensure the name aligns with your brand’s future vision and long-term business goals, such as adding new partners or perks, while maintaining relevance and appeal as your brand evolves.

5. Ensure Legal Compliance and Online Availability

The vast majority of consumers have tagged a branded hashtag on social media—chances are, your customer base has, too. Before you decide on the perfect loyalty program name, conduct a thorough trademark search to ensure another company isn’t already pumping out branded material. Then, consider domain and social media handle availability to ensure consistent platform naming. 

Before locking in your desired rewards program name, perform linguistic checks to confirm the name doesn’t have unintended meanings or connotations in different languages, especially if your brand has a global presence. Once you’re confident in the potential name for your loyalty program, secure a legal trademark to avoid future infringement issues and maintain a sense of exclusivity.

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3 Examples of Effective Reward Program Names

Generally speaking, effective rewards program names are easy to remember and pronounce, are aligned with a business’s brand identity and customer demographics, and are distinctive while remaining scalable. If you’re seeking extra inspiration while brainstorming potential rewards program names, look at these three examples to spark your creativity. 

  1. Delta SkyMiles: This rewards program name from Delta Airlines directly correlates with air travel while hinting at the endless possibilities (‘the sky’s the limit’) of earning and redeeming rewards points, appealing to frequent flyers.
  2. Marriott Bonvoy: The name “Bonvoy” is a shorthand expression for “bon voyage,” suggesting a sense of journey and adventure that aligns well with Marriott’s travel and hospitality services while remaining unique and memorable.
  3. Sephora Beauty Insider: This program from Sephora cleverly targets its audience with the term “Beauty,” while “Insider” suggests privileged access to special deals and products; there’s even a Very Important Beauty Insider (VIB) tier.

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