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White Label Vacation Rental Booking Engine

Move over traditional hotels and resorts; there’s another hospitality leader in town — vacation rentals. Previously constrained to family lake houses or infrequently visited timeshares, the vacation rental market now encompasses a rich variety of short-term homes, condos, and apartments. By 2028, the vacation rental market will drive $21.11 billion in revenue.

This spike in revenue indicates evolving traveler preferences, especially after more consumers sought out — and ultimately preferred — private accommodations throughout the pandemic. Now, more than ever, short-term rental providers and property management companies can continue driving revenue with interested customers through a white label vacation rental booking engine. 

What is a White Label Vacation Rental Booking Engine?

White label vacation rental booking engines are customizable property booking platforms that enable hospitality and lodging businesses to offer short-term vacation rentals to their customers. Compared to in-house property rental software, white label vacation rental booking engines are developed by third-party software providers but are rebranded to match the business’ aesthetic.

In other words, white label vacation rental booking engines are not the direct product of a travel or hospitality provider. However, they can be customized to appear that way to customers. Often serving as direct online booking platforms for vacation rentals, these software solutions also provide businesses with loyalty rewards programs with new travel rewards redemption options. 

Benefits of White Label Vacation Rental Booking Software 

White label vacation rental booking engines not only streamline short-term and private accommodation bookings but also significantly scale revenue streams for businesses and simplify direct bookings for consumers. As a newer alternative to online travel agencies and vacation rental marketplaces, look at the benefits of white label vacation rental booking engine solutions.

A family arrives at their vacation rental cabin.

Benefits for Hospitality and Vacation Rental Businesses

So, how does a white label booking engine benefit vacation rental businesses? By implementing white label booking engines in vacation rental technology, businesses can expand their range of services and attract additional customer segments, creating new revenue opportunities. Upwards of 64 million users are expected to spend an average of $320.90 per year on vacation rental bookings by 2028.

Beyond newfound revenue streams, vacation rental bookings also serve as attractive reward redemption options for loyalty program providers — both for vacation rental management companies and alternative travel providers. By integrating rewards and bookings through a white label solution, businesses work to enhance program flexibility and improve the overall value. 

Benefits for Travel Customers and Loyalty Members

Speaking of loyalty programs, white label vacation rental booking engines create a wider assortment of accommodations for loyalty rewards members, allowing travelers to use their hard-earned points towards lodging that suits their interests. Flexibility in rewards options helps loyalty members personalize their travel itineraries with bookings beyond traditional hotels

Benefits for Membership Organizations and Financial Services

It’s not just travel brands that benefit from white label vacation rental booking engines — membership organizations and financial institutions are other markets to offer rental bookings as member rewards. The ability to source short-term rentals through online booking platforms lends organizations a unique competitive edge and strengthens member loyalty for higher retention rates.

Explore Branded Booking Engine Solutions from arrivia 

Offering direct vacation rental bookings can be a fantastic way to appeal to new audiences and provide new rewards to loyal customers. However, it’s vital that you invest in booking engine solutions that are customizable to your business’ brand, from the color scheme to the marketing copy. Solutions like arrivia’s white label booking software are designed to meet each business’s unique needs.

For over 25 years, arrivia has worked closely with today’s top travel, financial, and membership organizations to develop tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with property management systems and existing rewards platforms. With direct relationships with resort suppliers, request a demo to learn more about our white label vacation rental booking solutions.