We love travel and we're committed to helping companies deliver more value to their customers by offering a wide variety of travel benefits, while creating engagement opportunities. Our leadership team is comprised of travel product, technology and marketing experts from some of the most inventive and groundbreaking companies.

arrivia, Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

arrivia, Steve Barnhart

Steve Barnhart

Chief Financial Officer

arrivia, Ross Crowder

Ross Crowder

Chief Commercial Officer

arrivia, Travis Markel

Travis Markel

Chief Experience Officer

arrivia, Alan Josephs

Alan Josephs

Chief Product Officer

arrivia, Firasat Hussain

Firasat Hussain

Chief Technology Officer

arrivia, Jeff Zotara

Jeff Zotara

Chief Marketing Officer

arrivia, Jennifer Strauel

Jennifer Strauel

Chief People & Diversity Officer

arrivia, Trevor Steege

Trevor Steege

General Counsel

arrivia, John Williams

John Williams

Managing Director, Asia Pacific, India and UK.

arrivia, Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson

SVP, Account Management

arrivia, Patrick Young

Patrick Young

SVP, Strategic Business Development

arrivia, Stacey Sutherland

Stacey Sutherland

VP, B2B Marketing & Strategic Development

arrivia, Jack Waller

Jack Waller

SVP of Business Development

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