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Trusted travel rewards and tailored solutions for

memberships and associations

As member-based groups like trade associations, professional clubs, and workers unions seek innovative means to provide current and prospective members with high-value, high-engagement benefits, travel emerges as a promising solution.

With travel and tourism skyrocketing nationwide and worldwide, exclusive travel offers and discounts are increasingly effective incentives for membership programs of all sizes to boost retention rates and maximize revenue streams.

Yet, most member-based organizations need more technology or in-house solutions to cater to those incentives. Enter arrivia.

Trusted by some of the most iconic names in loyalty rewards, arrivia’s end-to-end travel technology empowers member-based groups with a comprehensive range of exclusive travel options and seamless booking capabilities.

We leverage the power of your member base to negotiate premier pricing with our global portfolio of travel providers, allowing your membership rewards program to become your members’ preferred travel booking portal.

Industry leaders in loyalty

Proven partners for enhancing retention and revenue

how to boost retention and revenues for your membership organization

Maintain a branded program

Offer incentives that are distinctly yours

Keep members booking and interacting within your branded ecosystem, not someone else’s. With arrivia’s combination of rich content and intuitive technology, your membership organization will be equipped to offer its members the best travel booking and member rewards
experience with undeniable value at each touchpoint.

Easily integrate our fully customizable white label travel rewards program into your existing loyalty or corporate benefits program to offer travel incentives that are distinctly yours. If travel rewards are new to your group, arrivia can implement a travel privileges platform in a fraction of the time it would take to develop one from scratch.

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Milestones and member tiers

Alternative currencies reward desired behaviors

Your membership group, your rules. Create covetable rewards for membership milestones or develop unique membership tiers to reward desired behavior, whether it’s an uptick in travel spending or an increase in new member referrals.

Arrivia offers alternative currencies that can be combined with other payment methods to enhance members’ travel spending within your travel club or quickly earned and burned through milestone achievements to incentivize desired behaviors.

Offer premier pricing on elite itineraries

Provide exceptional value to members with premier travel promotions.

Arrivia puts the buying power of your member base to work to deliver deep discounts on travel that aren’t available to the public through open platforms, including exclusive experiences from our global network.

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Supercharge your membership organization with travel rewards that encompass 30,000 worldwide itineraries.

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Encourage ancillary spending with access to 30,000 global pick-up locations from major car rental suppliers.

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Supply your membership organization with access to 700 global airlines in all commercial markets.

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Empower members to recharge in 1M+ hotels and vacation homes and 200,000+ curated resorts worldwide.

Group of friends traveling together using points from a paid loyalty program.

Maximize revenue streams

Balance margins based on business goals

There’s a reason why business leaders trust arrivia to safeguard member retention and scale membership revenue: Through our travel privileges platform, we can balance margins based on your business goals.

Our white label travel technology allows you to maximize new revenue streams that support membership growth. Over time, you can capture more of members’ travel spend by becoming the go-to resource for every trip aspect.

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Market your membership

Seek and supply value at each touchpoint

Developing a member-centric marketing strategy has never been easier than with arrivia. Our in-house marketing team takes ownership of your membership strategy, collecting data from your members’ online behaviors to craft personalized marketing campaigns that build lifetime value at each stage of the member journey.

We meet members in their channel of choice, whether it’s traditional direct mail or phone, digital channels like social media, or proprietary martech like membership mobile apps. We deliver fresh content and curated offers that garner engagement from looking to booking, with dedicated support teams for around-the-clock service.

Member preferred rewards driven by arrivia

Arrivia powers some of the most iconic names in global loyalty rewards programs.

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