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Embracing the travel rebound with arrivia’s Mike Nelson and Kevin May of PhocusWire

Across the travel sector, there’s more positivity in the air – at last. More travelers are taking to the skies and the seas, and many are already planning their 2022 and even 2023 adventures. 

As airlines, hotels, travel brands, and all the intermediaries in between embrace the travel rebound, how will they adapt to a changing landscape that’s still hard to predict? What lessons have they learned from a once-in-a-lifetime travel depression? Better yet, how will they apply those lessons in the coming year to meet volatile demand and maintain profitability? 

Mike Nelson, arrivia CEO, spoke with Kevin May of PhocusWire about these challenges; Watch the video to hear their thoughts on how travel companies can take advantage of the upcoming surge in demand by including cruise inventory in their booking and loyalty offerings. Even in high-demand markets where value matters, it is critical to invest in partnerships that position companies to capture that demand. 

Find out what other opportunities are ahead for travel companies to drive growth and engagement with consumers as they embrace travel — Watch here.