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Tools for HR Managers to Improve Recruiting and Employee Retention

Across every industry, hiring and retaining workers has never been more challenging. A positive company culture, strong values, better wages, more flexibility, and clear advancement opportunities all play an important role in employee acquisition and retention. But what else can companies offer employees and how do those perks stand out from competitors?

In her recent article for, arrivia Vice President of B2B Marketing and Strategic Development, Stacey Sutherland, shares how companies must find unique and effective ways to provide employee benefits like travel rewards that show appreciation for life outside of work, and support a healthy work-life balance. More companies are discovering how offering travel benefits that include exclusive discounts and deals on everything from cruises, vacation packages, luxury lodging, and unique travel experiences, can inspire and motivate workers much more than traditional employee benefits programs.

You can read the full article in the January 2022 issue of HR Strategy & Planning Excellence (Pages 41-42).