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ICE Launches Women on their Way Program to Support Professional Women in the Workplace

The newest ICE initiative supports career development for women who have demonstrated excellence and leadership skills within the organization.

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Earlier this month, ICE launched our newest internal initiative, Women on their Way (WOW). This exciting program focuses on fostering the ongoing career development of women within the organization. By arming these dedicated professionals with valuable tools and resources, they have the opportunity to gain insights and experiences both in the industry itself and regarding the best practices of the business realm overall.

ICE kicked off WOW program this month with a welcome luncheon, in which CMO Marcia Rowley welcomed the newest participant members and recognized their ongoing dedication to the organization, strong leadership skills, and commitment to excellence. WOW members were then partnered with their own designated sponsor mentors, Senior Vice President and Employee Engagement professionals currently working at ICE who have demonstrated a mastery of business practices and leadership.

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The WOW program was conceived through the idea that empowerment is created when the strengths that women already bring to the company are recognized and utilized. It is through the promotion of women’s empowerment and gender equality in the workplace that ICE believes the organization will be more successful. By identifying and recognizing high-potential, top-performing females who have the potential to excel into executive leadership roles within the organization, the WOW program promises to provide a women’s network and support infrastructure within the organization, allowing women additional resources and learning opportunities to assist in achieving their career goals.

Congratulations to ICE’s first WOW program participants. We look forward to supporting your ongoing career growth and successes in the future to come!