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ICE Wins THREE Magellan Awards!

Travel Weekly has announced their 2017 Magellan Award winners and ICE has secured THREE awards this year (2 golds and 1 silver).

ICE will be featured in a special issue of Travel Weekly (in October) that will include an awards section to highlight this year’s list winners.

travel week gold award winner

What did ICE win for?

Two Gold Wins

  • ICE Software Solutions (Innovation)
  • ICE SNAP365 Collateral (Marketing Print Advertising)
  • Learn more about these two categories here: Click me!

One Silver Win

  • ICE Corporate Website (Marketing Website)
  • Learn more about this category here: Click me!

The Magellan Awards nominations and winners represent the best in the travel industry around the world and salute the outstanding travel professionals behind it all. These awards are by far the most prestigious awards that ICE can win, it is a huge honor to even be nominated!

The Magellan Awards applaud outstanding design, marketing and services in a broad range of industry segments:

  • Hospitality
  • Travel Destinations
  • Cruise Lines
  • Online Travel Services
  • Airlines and Airports
  • Travel Agents and Agencies
  • Tour Operators
  • Ground Transportation

How are the winners chosen?

The Magellan Awards are judged and overseen by a one-of-a-kind panel of top travel professionals representing the best names and most accomplished leaders from the industry. In determining winners, entries do not compete with one another, instead they are judged against a standard of excellence based on the long experience of Travel Weekly. A category may have multiple winners, or may have no winners at all.

Let’s celebrate!