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Jeff Zotara, arrivia CMO, Quoted in “The Greatness of Timeshare”

Arrivia’s CMO, Jeff Zotara, was quoted in the latest edition of Developments Magazine with ARDA.

“I think one of the greatest attributes of the timeshare industry is the way it’s been able to adapt to the changing personalities and trends,” said Jeff Zotara, chief marketing officer, Arrivia. “When I think about what’s transpired, especially in the last few years, flexibility is probably one of the core behavior drivers for not only timeshare owners or prospects, but travelers in general. And at Arrivia, we’ve seen this – whether it’s booking a hotel or cruise, or purchasing a timeshare, flexibility is the most critical component of the decision-making process. At Arrivia, our focus is on helping timeshare property developers become more flexible by offering or by facilitating better products for them to offer to their members.”

“It comes dow to what kind of experience I’m getting,” Zotara said. “I think the timeshare industry can help people experience more and create better memories, through the properties and through the interactions that they’re having with the other owners.”

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