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The impact loyalty marketing has on customer acquisition and retention

Brands are continuously looking to grow their loyalty programs and improve customer retention. However, many loyalty programs fail to deliver the rewards and benefits that customers desire and value. According to our recent survey on the intersection of travel and loyalty, 24% of respondents said they were frustrated by the fact that their rewards don’t seem valuable enough; 32% were bothered by the lack of redemption options, and 29% said it’s difficult or complex to earn and redeem points. How can companies re-ignite their loyalty programs and find new ways to incentivize their customer base? By offering exclusive rewards and benefits that have tangible and recognizable value that customers are looking for.

In his recent Martech360 interview, arrivia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Zotara discusses the importance of loyalty marketing in today’s travel landscape and how companies that offer valuable incentives like travel rewards and exclusive pricing can improve their customer acquisition and retention.

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