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Cruise demand remains strong amongst U.S. travelers going into 2023 [infographic]

Cruise demand remains strong amongst U.S. travelers going into 2023

An arrivia survey of timeshare owners in September 2022 finds that leisure travelers are eager to add cruises to their vacation mix but still seek value from their travel bookings, including greater value from their rewards programs.

In September 2022, arrivia surveyed members of a prominent timeshare program in the United States to find out their attitudes about cruise travel going into 2023. It was the latest of several surveys conducted by arrivia this year regarding cruise travel. As the industry has rebounded from COVID-related disruptions, how have attitudes evolved, and what key demand trends should cruise and vacation providers look out for?

  • Only 2% of surveyed members are not considering booking a cruise in the next two years. That means 98% are planning a cruise or have already booked one.
  • Over 75% of surveyed members would be at least somewhat interested in adding a short cruise trip to a vacation located within the vicinity of a cruise port. Loyalty and rewards providers that don’t already offer cruises as part of their redemption offerings should consider adding cruise options to increase travel spending within their programs.
  • The percentage of travelers who say value for money is the most important factor for consumers when choosing to book a cruise is consistent with our findings of a similar survey from Q4 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022. The importance of COVID as a consideration has fallen, however, since earlier this year from 20% to just 5%.

Discover when travelers are planning to cruise, what kind of savings they’re looking for from their bookings and how they feel about last-minute deals on cruise travel in the infographic below.

Infographic showing data from recent arrivia cruise travel survey conducted in Q3 2022

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