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The Pathway to Program Profits: Arrivia’s 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Snapshot 

In today’s dynamic travel marketplace, brands with travel rewards programs face the dual challenge of meeting consumer demands for value amidst inflation and reshaping their loyalty strategies for profitability.

Our latest survey report, The Pathway to Program Profits, reveals two key trends: consumers prioritize value for money in travel, while businesses are shifting their priority from member retention to boosting profitability and engagement.

A continuation of our 2022 Travel Loyalty Outlook report and involving over 2,200 consumers and 100 loyalty program professionals in the U.S., this year’s survey shows a growing emphasis on incremental member spending and engagement.

Some of the report’s key takeaways suggest that for sustained success, brands must enhance their travel rewards, focusing not only on discounted rates but also on the overall travel experience they provide to consumers.

Learn why it’s become critical for brands to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and profitability goals, and how they can leverage the right technology partners to navigate these challenges effectively. Download your copy of The Pathway to Program Profits here.