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What do U.S. consumers want from their travel loyalty programs?

Value is very important to travelers, but many programs are lacking

Between December 2021 and January 2022, arrivia surveyed 2,150 American consumers and 204 industry decision-makers about the role of travel rewards in the post-pandemic travel resurgence. Almost 50% of surveyed consumers said the ability to earn points on travel is important to them, while 42% have redeemed points to lower the cost of their trip. And almost one-third of consumers expect to use their loyalty points to cover the entire cost of their journey.

It’s clear that travel rewards play a key role in incentivizing new loyalty program sign-ups and engaging members to earn and redeem with their favorite programs. But is there a disconnect between what consumers want from travel loyalty programs – and what’s on offer?

A new travel loyalty study reveals consumers’ appetite for earning and redeeming travel rewards if they provide enough value and how brands can capitalize

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