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Uncovering the preferences of a travel rewards program member [infographic]

The reward factor: How the travel preferences of loyalty program members stack up against the typical American leisure traveler.

Value is even more important to this subset of travelers, as is their ability to use points or miles for their trip.

Between July and September 2022, arrivia surveyed almost 1,300 members of an American financial institution’s travel rewards program about their future travel plans and what’s most important to them when it comes to their bookings.

We compared their responses to those collected in our Travel Loyalty Outlook report earlier this year, which included both rewards and non-rewards respondents. Unsurprisingly there are many similarities. Value is important to both groups, but even more so for rewards members — 61% signaled that value was their top consideration when booking a trip vs. 33% of all travelers. Travel rewards members also placed more importance on the ability to use their points or miles to pay for their bookings by almost two-to-one.

Discover some of the other factors influencing their travel patterns and preferences in the infographic below.

Infographic displaying recent traveler trends and preferences taken from an arrivia survey of US travel rewards members in Q3, 2022

Click here to download the infographic in high-res, or scroll down to download our Rewarding state of travel survey report.