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A woman works on her laptop overlooking the ocean, enjoying the enhanced user experience of a loyalty rewards program.
Insights 07/15/2024
Optimizing Loyalty Program User Experience: Design Principles for Success
It’s relatively easy to attract consumers to a loyalty program — simply offer them discounts, the ability to earn points and rewards, or early access to products, and they’re likely to join. However, loyalty program membership and program usage are two separate battles. While the average consumer belongs to 16.6 loyalty programs, they actively use...
Insights 07/10/2024
Loyalty Program Evolution: Adapting to Changing Consumer Behaviors
The loyalty market is rarely stagnant. After all, in a world that’s become increasingly interconnected—with consumers who can make purchases, share brand recommendations, and redeem rewards all from the single tap of a button—consumer expectations for convenience and value grow by the day. So, it’s no surprise that consumer behavior is actively powering the evolution...
A couple relaxing on a tropical deck during their honeymoon, enjoying a serene and picturesque destination chosen through thoughtful decision-making.
Insights 07/09/2024
The Psychology of Travel: Understanding Customer Motivations and Decision-Making
Proprietary travel industry insights from arrivia reveal that 80% of consumers plan to travel within the year. With a percentage so high, it may leave you wondering what is the secret behind travel customer behavior? What motivates consumers to travel, especially at such a significant rate? The answer boils down to psychology, specifically fundamental human...
A tourist walking in a city surrounded by destinations suggested by an AI-powered travel planner.
How AI-Powered Travel Planners Can Build Your Dream Vacation
In the past two years, the number of providers integrating travel booking capabilities directly within their platforms has grown from...
An older couple smiling and enjoying a seaside stroll
2024 Travel Loyalty Statistics & Trends
The only thing certain about loyalty program trends is that they’re bound to evolve, if not quarterly, then annually. With...
A team of professionals engaging in a meeting, discussing loyalty program regulation and compliance.
Navigating Loyalty Program Regulation & Compliance
Consumer data is the bridge that connects brands to members in modern loyalty programs. It guides personalization for offers and...
A group of travel industry professionals celebrates a newly formed strategic partnership to expand their loyalty ecosystem.
Insights 05/31/2024
Expanding Your Loyalty Ecosystem: Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
In business, you’re only as good as the company you keep. For travel, hospitality, and retail groups, the same goes...
A traveler relaxes by the waterfront, checking her phone for new, creative rewards from her travel loyalty program.
Insights 05/29/2024
Beyond Points: Exploring Creative Rewards in Travel Loyalty Programs
It’s been more than 40 years since American Airlines introduced AAdvantage, one of the world’s first travel loyalty programs for...
A couple sits on the floor, happily booking a trip to a vacation rental.
Insights 05/06/2024
White Label Vacation Rental Booking Engine
Move over traditional hotels and resorts; there’s another hospitality leader in town — vacation rentals. Previously constrained to family lake...
A satisfied customer uses AI-powered assistant.
Insights 04/30/2024
Streamlining Customer Experience: The Role of AI Chatbots in Loyalty Programs
It’s no secret that AI-powered chatbots have exploded in popularity recently. Retail chatbots currently engage with more than 600 million...
A woman sits on her bed planning a trip with artificial intelligence (AI)
Insights 04/26/2024
The Impact of AI Travel Itinerary Planners
Is artificial intelligence (AI) the future of travel planning? The majority of travelers sure think so! More than 60% of...
A woman writing a positive testimonial about her experience with her loyalty program.
Insights 04/23/2024
The Power of Social Proof: Leveraging Customer Testimonials in Loyalty Programs
What if you learned there was an untapped gold mine hiding in your organization — a treasure trove of customer...
A young woman participating in a loyalty program using her loyalty card and smartphone to make purchases.
Insights 03/26/2024
5 Real-Life Customer Loyalty Program Examples
So many business leaders are asking, “How do you convert customers into loyal customers?” — when really, the question should...
A crystal ball on a beautiful beach destination reflecting a beautiful shoreline.
Insights 03/22/2024
What the Top Travel Brands Are Predicting for 2024
While today’s top travel brands may not have a crystal ball to prophesize the future, we have enough reliable data...
Loyalty program stakeholder meeting reviewing Request for Proposals (RFP) for a new loyalty program.
Insights 03/20/2024
Loyalty Program RFPs: Key Elements and Best Practices
From points-for-perks programs like Delta SkyMiles to paid subscriptions like Amazon Prime, the largest loyalty program in the world, every...
travel loyalty member enjoying the wellness benefits of traveling
Insights 03/15/2024
The Psychology of Effective Loyalty Programs
When it comes to effective loyalty programs, deep-rooted brand loyalty isn’t the result of clever program names or attractive platform...