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Whitepaper: The Impact of Mobile Technology on Travel Rewards Platforms

Technology has continuously shaped the travel and hospitality industry; however, increasing consumer reliance on mobile technology—especially as it pertains to traveler convenience, engagement, and ultimately, satisfaction—has crafted a new era of travel rewards platforms.

Today’s mobile-first consumers travel with numerous devices, from cellphones and smartwatches to tablets and laptops. Contemporary travelers leverage these mobile devices to pre-check into their hotel rooms, schedule activities, and purchase ancillary products or services during their stays.

But that’s not all. Mobile devices have also become global travel planning hubs, surpassing traditional travel agent services to become the primary means to identify potential travel destinations, compare travel service providers, and retrieve travel loyalty account information.

In fact, 53% of travelers prefer accessing their loyalty rewards via mobile applications, and another 51% are more likely to use mobile applications when planning upcoming travel to earn points or rewards. Travel accommodations are now the second-most-popular online purchase worldwide.

This intersection of travel and technology comes at a time when American consumers partake in 2.29 billion domestic trips and 93 million international trips annually. In the last year alone, nearly 60% of Americans have taken at least a week’s vacation to a destination away from home.

With 80% of consumers planning to travel more in the coming months than they did in the past year, and dependence on digital devices only continuing to skyrocket, now is the time to explore the impact of mobile technology on travel rewards with a means to capitalize on mobile-first travelers.

Whether you’re an online travel agent or agency partner, travel service provider, or hospitality executive, this whitepaper will help navigate mobile technology as a proven catalyst for heightened consumer engagement, elevated value proposition, and untapped ancillary revenue streams.

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