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Whitepaper: Why Financial Institutions Must Capitalize on the Travel Boom


That is how many associations were recognized throughout the U.S. in 2021 alone.

Over the past decade, associations have surpassed various business models to become one of the most common membership-based organizations in the country. More than 81,000 new professional societies, trade groups, and business leagues were included in the latest Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Data Book,2 yet they perpetuate the same question as the associations that came before them.

How can associations enhance membership value but still ensure financial viability?

Despite years of unconstrained growth, many of today’s associations still struggle to balance the obligation to drive value for current and potential members with the need to secure reliable revenue streams. To help deliver on their shared mission and contribute to members’ goals, associations must enhance the desirability and profitability of their membership program.

Enter a travel benefits rewards program with strategic and operational partnerships.

Explore how associations can leverage travel benefits to solve decades-long challenges by downloading our whitepaper here.