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How arrivia helped one resort brand reduce customer no-shows using mobile wallet technology

The problem

Despite the resurgence of travel and a loosening of travel regulations in different regions, a luxury resort chain with properties throughout Mexico continued to experience an increase in guest no-shows in 2021.


The solution

Arrivia developed a customized “resort pass” using mobile wallet technology with important information about a customer’s booking, including the destination, resort name and arrival date. It also contained a QR code to unlock a complimentary bonus for their stay when checking into the property.

The resort pass was emailed to guests at strategic moments — immediately upon booking and in the days leading up to their arrival. Once downloaded to their mobile device, the pass was automatically added to the guest’s digital wallet. Arrivia also received permission to send them push notifications about their booking. Guests who didn’t download the resort pass were sent reminders at various times leading up to their check-in date; however, only guests who downloaded the pass were given access to the bonus.


The results

By offering an exclusive check-in incentive, strategically timing when the resort pass was sent to guests and using highly personalized messaging to encourage downloads, arrivia achieved a 59.3% adoption rate for its resort pass. As the push notifications continue to be refined, the brand is seeing fewer and fewer no-shows at check-in.

The resort pass also enabled the brand to test new ways of creating and sharing incentive offers as it looked to evolve its marketing strategy.