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The Membership Marketing Mindset: Embracing Authenticity to Fuel Growth

The digital landscape is so inundated by brand-focused content, brand-owned social media, and brand-operated campaigns that it makes the average consumer feel less like a member and more like a metric. How can your organization create genuine connections with your members in this sea of branded channels? The answer is to embrace authenticity in membership marketing.

Though a whopping 92% of marketers believe that most or even all of the content they create resonates as authentic with members, the majority of consumers disagree—51% claim that less than half of brands create content that seems authentic. If you align with the overwhelming number of marketers unsure what authentic marketing looks like, just keep reading. 

Below we explore the role of authentic membership marketing with the tactics to foster a true sense of community.

The Importance of Authenticity in Membership Marketing

Authenticity has never played a more significant role in membership marketing than it does today. An incredible 90% of consumers agree that authenticity is important when deciding which brands to like and support—a figure that’s climbed steadily since 2017. Authentic marketing builds trust and loyalty among members and differentiates your organization from competitors.

By setting your brand apart, you can establish a solid emotional connection with consumers that attracts a passionate community aligned with your core values. The more members relate to and support your values, the more likely they will be to continuously interact with your marketing content, engage with your brand, and reduce membership churn

Being transparent about your brand’s vision and mission is vital, and encouraging meaningful conversations with members is critical. Share real customer stories in user-generated content (UGC), considered the most authentic form of content. Remember also to remain consistent with your messaging to solidify consumer trust.


Fueling Growth Through Authentic Membership Experiences

Authentic membership marketing paves the way for authentic membership experiences that help skyrocket customer satisfaction, increase customer lifetime value (CLV), and boost word-of-mouth referrals, fueling business growth. Genuine experiences can create a vast community that organically attracts new members aligned with your brand values.  

Personalizing member interactions and providing exceptional customer service is essential to foster a sense of belonging in your community. It’s equally important to offer exclusive and relevant benefits and opportunities for members to engage with your brand and one another. For a look at authentic membership marketing and experiences in action, consider Orangetheory Fitness. 

With a mission to “give people a longer, more vibrant life,” the membership-based franchise paused all membership payments during the COVID-19 pandemic and developed its first at-home workouts to give members a way to exercise during lockdown. This authentic approach could have tanked business profits, but it did the opposite and helped the franchise’s attrition rate reach a record low of 0.18%. 

The Role of Technology in Fostering Authentic Membership Marketing

When we think about authenticity, we don’t immediately consider artificial intelligence (AI) or technology. However, technology can help enhance membership marketing efforts by enabling personalized communication, data-driven insights, and streamlined member experiences. It allows brands to deliver tailored offerings based on individual member preferences and behaviors.

Examples of technology solutions helping to foster authentic membership marketing include but are not limited to:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems that collect and analyze member data to automate personalized communications.
  • Marketing automation tools that segment your audience for tailored messages and measure the impact of authenticity-driven marketing efforts.
  • White label membership portals that personalize member sign-on and offer robust customer service to guarantee seamless experiences. 

Likewise, mobile loyalty apps and similar membership-based applications have made engaging and retaining members more effortless than ever, all from a smartphone or mobile device. At a time when 81% of Americans use a smartphone daily and 53% prefer retrieving account information through an app, technology can power authentic membership marketing that members are eager to interact with.

Arrivia: Your Partner in Embracing Authentic Membership Marketing

While 90% of consumers agree authenticity is essential when deciding which brands to like and support, Millennials and Gen Z consumers—nearly 140 million people—prefer brands that are ‘real and organic.’ Gone are the days of packaged, perfect marketing materials. Now is the time to embrace authentic membership marketing; fortunately, it’s never been simpler. 

There is an entire suite of technology to help develop genuine consumer connections, including arrivia’s collection of turnkey travel technology, in-house marketing services, and robust customer service. Our white label solutions provide data analytics, customer engagement platforms, and strategic consulting designed to enhance authenticity in membership marketing and fuel growth.

Partnering with arrivia unlocks industry knowledge and expert support that powers truly genuine marketing to your brand values, members’ behaviors, and the community’s preferences. As the world’s largest stand-alone travel loyalty provider, request a demo today to learn how arrivia can help execute authentic membership marketing strategies.