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Elevate Customer Loyalty: Adding a Travel Club to Your Timeshare

What’s a trip to the ocean without a cruise around the port or an adventure to the jungle without a stay in the treetop hotel? Sure, timeshare owners love relaxing at their home resort — but what about when they want to travel beyond their timeshare? 

Well, that’s where a timeshare travel club comes into play! A timeshare travel club, especially one equipped with a white label travel platform, redefines the value of a timeshare purchase by unlocking endless travel opportunities worldwide. 

From enhancing the value of vacation ownership to acting as a first-day incentive for new owners and offsetting marketing costs for prospects that tour but do not buy, travel rewards help to elevate timeshare customer loyalty and to enhance engagement.

5 Key Benefits of Adding White Label Travel Club to Your Timeshare Business

Nearly 10 million American households own one or more types of timeshare products, whether it’s timeshare points, timeshare weeks, or membership in a private residence club. If you want to elevate customer loyalty and drive engagement within your resort, consider these benefits for adding white label travel rewards through a timeshare travel club. 

1. Adding More Value to Your Core Product

It’s no secret timeshare owners have a core product that appeals to American consumers. After all, the timeshare industry is valued at $10.5 billion, a few hundred thousand dollars more than the entire Major League Baseball industry. But while some consumers love spending time in their home resort or exchanging within their network of resorts, some would rather have a broader range of travel.

Whether going on a cruise or staying at a hotel, many owners prefer to travel outside their timeshare, including the 80% of travelers who plan to travel more or about the same amount this year. With a white label travel platform, timeshare companies can offer owners a wider range of travel options beyond their timeshare resort to increasing owner satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Creating a Strong First Day Incentive

Most timeshare companies are familiar with a first-day incentive (FDI), a gift offered to prospective buyers to persuade them to attend a presentation or tour. These incentives often take the shape of bonus points, cash, gift cards, and even complimentary hotel stays — but what if you could replace one night in a hotel with an entire suite of exclusive travel opportunities? 

A timeshare travel club can replace standard, unglamorous first-day incentives to persuade potential buyers better to make a purchase. To sweeten the incentive, timeshare companies can offer to match buyers’ down payment in savings credits toward travel rewards or provide the equivalent for buyers’ maintenance fees in savings credits for doing business that day.

3. Offsetting Marketing Costs

Toured but did not buy (TNB) is one of the most frustrating outcomes for a timeshare company, mainly if you’ve allocated a significant budget to locate prospective leads and market them. Fortunately, timeshare travel club rewards programs can help to offset these otherwise unavoidable marketing costs (and even turn them into a business opportunity). 

For instance, timeshare companies can deliver specific marketing promotions to TNB prospects to drive traffic back to the timeshare resort for rental stays, encouraging spending in different areas to offset marketing spending. Stays at the resort can also re-engage potential buyers in a tour, creating another opportunity to close a new sale. 

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4. Creating a First-Day Incentive for Short Term Trial/Lease Customers

Aside from helping to attract potential buyers to your property, you can also provide a timeshare travel club as a first-day incentive to encourage trial/lease customers to sign up instantly. By seeding your membership with savings credits equivalent to the cost of a trial package, timeshare companies can increase the likelihood of a successful deal. 

5. Creating a “Whole Trip” Experience

Timeshare owners love to travel as much as or even more than the average American — which means an opportunity to explore destinations beyond the timeshare is incredibly appealing. By incorporating a timeshare travel club into your loyalty program, you can allow owners to book their airfare or rental car to visit one of your other properties. 

This feature creates a seamless “whole trip” experience for owners, allowing them to maximize their travel opportunities and further solidify their loyalty to your brand. By offering a comprehensive travel experience, you motivate owners to fully utilize their timeshare ownership and establish a solid connection to increase their overall engagement and satisfaction.

Bolster Your Timeshare Offerings with arrivia

A timeshare travel club is more than just an exciting addition to your resort experience — it’s a direct path to increase the value of your offerings, create unrivaled first-day incentives, offset hefty marketing costs, and increase general sales efficiencies. Travel rewards are an absolute must-have if you want to elevate customer loyalty and enhance your timeshare experience. 

To provide unparalleled travel experiences for your timeshare owners, leverage arrivia’s suite of travel solutions. With arrivia’s travel loyalty technology platform, you can offer owners and potential buyers a more comprehensive range of travel options that boost your customer experience and engagement. Visit the arrivia website today to learn how we elevate your offerings!