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Infographic image with icons and 2022 travel loyalty outlook survey data which reveals American traveler preferences and desire for greater value from travel rewards
Reports & Surveys 07/18/2022
Travel Loyalty Outlook ’22: what the numbers reveal [infographic]
Consumers want more value when it comes to travel; our new infographic reveals the latest trends and highlights which travel benefits can deliver that value.
Employee enjoying holiday booked through arrivia-powered travel benefits program
News 07/14/2022
The power of travel as an employee benefit
Arrivia shares how an employer-powered travel rewards program is a vital tool to attract and engage a company’s workforce.
Employers reviewing a screen selecting a rewards program for their employees that offers travel benefits
News 07/13/2022
Three questions with Jennifer Strauel: Retaining employees through travel rewards
Jennifer Strauel Chief People and Diversity Officer answers questions on Employee travel rewards and how Employers can prepare for potential complications.
Women planning a vacation using arrivia's employer sponsored travel benefits
News 07/08/2022
Attract and retain workers with employer-sponsored travel benefits
arrivia Chief People & Diversity Officer Jennifer Strauel shares how companies can use travel benefits to build and maintain their workforce.
Consumers snorkeling on high value holiday booked using an arrivia-powered travel rewards platform
Insights 07/08/2022
Great expectations for travel value: Is your brand giving customers what they want?
Value is important for consumers booking travel. What does that mean for brands and how can travel rewards and loyalty platforms help brands deliver on that need?
Arrivia Chief Experience Officer Travis Markel sharing how financial services brands can increase engagement and loyalty by capitalizing on the return of travel
News 06/30/2022
How financial brands can drive growth and loyalty through travel rewards
arrivia Chief Experience Officer Travis Markel shares how financial brands can drive engagement among Gen Zers and Millennials through travel rewards.
For the seventh consecutive year, arrivia has been named to the Travel Weekly Power List
News 06/29/2022
Arrivia’s Online User Experience and Record-setting First Quarter Recognized by Travel Weekly
For the seventh consecutive year, arrivia has been named to the Travel Weekly Power List, an annual ranking of the biggest travel sellers in the US.
Arrivia celebrates the centennial anniversary of USAA, which serves millions of military members and families in the United States.
Celebrating a 100-year milestone with our partner, USAA
Financial services firm USAA celebrates its 100-year anniversary. Arrivia is honored to support its members with top-tier travel benefits.
Female traveler benefiting from travel rewards enjoying a scenic waterfall
Reports & Surveys 06/16/2022
Where travel meets loyalty
Americans are ready to travel again but not at any cost. Value should be top of mind for loyalty providers that offer travel rewards.
News 06/15/2022
New Travel Loyalty Survey Finds Awareness Gap in Travel Rewards’ Perceived Value
A new report from arrivia reveals that while consumers are keen to earn and redeem travel rewards through loyalty programs, many feel rewards don’t provide enough value.
Surge in pent-up demand for cruises boosts passengers to book and redeem cruise travel rewards on arrivia’s platform
News 06/09/2022
Cruise Travel Making a Comeback After CDC Withdraws Advisory
Arrivia CMO Jeff Zotara shares what cruise travel trends he is seeing after CDC removed the warning on cruise travel and what changes Arrivia is making in response to the recovery of the cruise industry.
Two credit union members excited about the travel benefits and travel rewards offered by their credit union
Reports & Surveys 06/07/2022
Better Together: Five ways credit unions can grow their membership
A travel rewards and benefits program can help credit unions grow their membership and engage existing members while enabling them to grow raise revenue.
Woman on vacation booked using arrivia's employer sponsored travel benefits to recharge and avoid burnout
News 06/06/2022
Employer-sponsored travel benefits help prevent employee burnout
arrivia Chief People & Diversity Officer Jennifer Strauel shares that one remedy to prevent burnout in the workplace is offering employer-sponsored travel benefits.
Woman on vacation used arrivia's employer sponsored travel benefits and is enjoying the view from her private pool in Thailand
News 05/27/2022
Employer-sponsored travel benefits help recruit, retain, and engage workers
arrivia Chief People & Diversity Officer Jennifer Strauel shares why employer-sponsored travel benefits is a strong differentiator for employer brands.
Woman taking a bucket list trip booked through arrivia's employee loyalty and rewards platform is hiking the great wall of China
Reports & Surveys 05/25/2022
Powering your recruitment and retention strategies
Employer-sponsored travel benefits promote a better work-life balance and can help employers recruit and retain workers through the Great Resignation.
woman taking holiday booked through arrivia's employee loyalty and rewards platform is practicing mental health by meditating on the beach
News 05/12/2022
Arrivia’s Approach to Mental Health in the Workplace
arrivia Chief People & Diversity Officer Jennifer Strauel shares how the company has responded to the greater need of mental healthcare for their employees.