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A woman holding onto a rail while hiking up a mountain booked from a travel membership program.
Insights 09/14/2023
Driving Customer Loyalty through Exclusive Travel Club Memberships
Today’s travelers are savvy and have access to countless options at their fingertips. With all of the choices and convenience available to travel, it is no longer enough for a business to simply provide a good quality product or service. Customers crave authenticity and want to see themselves reflected in the products and brands they...
A man holding onto a backpack on a trip leveraging employee performance incentives.
Insights 09/12/2023
Enhancing Employee Performance Incentive Programs: Leveraging Travel Benefits
Did you know that 90% of the world’s highest-performing companies leverage employee performance incentives to retain and motivate team members—or that nearly the same percentage of employees prefer incentives over a bigger paycheck? Offering incentives, particularly travel incentives, help boost employee morale and create a more energetic, engaged company culture.  You might be wondering what...
A woman taking a picture while on vacation booked using her customer retention benefits.
Insights 09/08/2023
From One-Time Shoppers to Lifelong Members: Unveiling the Customer Retention Benefits of a Travel Loyalty Program
Brand satisfaction and loyalty are key drivers of customer retention. However, there are major differences between satisfied customers and loyal ones—the primary being that loyal customers can drive a repeat business rate that’s 15 times higher than that of non-loyal customers. Not to mention, it’s up to seven times cheaper to retain loyal customers than...
Two women shopping with points by an earn and burn loyalty program.
Insights 09/06/2023
What is an Earn and Burn Loyalty Program?
An earn-and-burn loyalty program is a dynamic approach to loyalty rewards that encourage customers to rake in program currency and redeem it as quickly as possible. In this transactional approach to loyalty, the motivation to maximize benefits powers ongoing customer participation and faster reward redemption that can enhance brand loyalty and elevate your bottom line. ...
how to boost retention and revenues for your membership organization
Arrivia Whitepapers 09/01/2023
Whitepaper: How to Boost Retention and Revenues for Your Membership Organization
Member retention and revenue growth are not just desirable but essential for the long-term success and sustainability of membership organizations....
Girl working on her laptop outside her tent
Arrivia Whitepapers 08/31/2023
Whitepaper: How Personalized Experiences Can Help Earn Customer Loyalty
How well do you know your customers? Do you know them well enough to anticipate precisely what they want to...
A man working with a laptop and computer screen analyzing blockchain in loyalty programs.
Insights 08/25/2023
The Future of Loyalty: How Blockchain Technology is Transforming Travel Rewards Programs
The loyalty industry has skyrocketed in recent years, amassing a market size of $7.84 billion in 2021 and rapidly approaching $9.57 billion by the end of 2023. Loyalty programs within the industry span nearly every sector, from travel and hospitality to retail and finance, resulting in the average consumer belonging to nearly 17 loyalty programs...
Gamification show with a shot of a young girl and her father using a tablet and laptop computer
Insights 08/23/2023
Loyalty Program Gamification: Engaging Members with Fun and Rewards
Who doesn’t love to get rewarded for playing a game? Gamification is the application of elements typically found in games — such as points, competing with others, challenges and leaderboards — to non-gaming activities. If you’ve ever played Candy Crush or a similar game, you have experienced the fun of earning points or coins and...
A couple creating unforgettable memories while adjusting a camera and sightseeing on vacation.
Insights 08/21/2023
The Power of Experiential Travel Rewards: Creating Unforgettable Memories for Members
No matter if you’re a marketing professional or a membership manager, chances are, you’ve come across this latest hot topic — experiential rewards. Realistically, it’s been difficult to avoid this trending term. After all, the number of loyalty programs that have begun offering experiential rewards leaped from 61% to 78% in just one year, with...
Woman Traveling in Porto City.
Insights 08/17/2023
The Role of Influencer Marketing in Travel Loyalty Programs: Leveraging Social Media for Brand Advocacy
When the average traveler plans a trip, more than one-third turn to social media. However, it’s not the travel providers or online travel agencies that they’re looking for — today’s consumers are on the hunt for reliable travel influencers. A recent survey of U.S. adults revealed that a whopping 84% of travelers consult travel influencers...
A woman standing in an Italian city available through diversifying travel rewards programs.
Insights 08/17/2023
The Power of Diversification: Strategies to Enhance Your Travel Rewards Programs
In the dynamic landscape of travel rewards programs, it’s crucial for businesses to adapt and evolve to meet the diverse needs of their members and customers. Exploring the power of diversification in enhancing your travel rewards programs is crucial for driving long-term success. By diversifying your approach, you can unlock a world of opportunities that...
an adventurous couple out hiking and pointing at the lake
Arrivia Whitepapers 08/16/2023
Whitepaper: Why Financial Institutions Must Capitalize on the Travel Boom
1,828,187. That is how many associations were recognized throughout the U.S. in 2021 alone. Over the past decade, associations have...
Women shopping in a tourist shop booked on a custom travel solution.
Insights 08/16/2023
From ‘Meh’ to Memorable: How Customizable Travel Solutions Can Boost Customer Retention for Enterprise Businesses
Enterprise businesses require innovative strategies to acquire and keep clients in any product market. As acquiring new clients becomes more challenging and costly, loyalty programs are often created to keep existing clients and nurture these relationships simultaneously.  Personalized travel experiences are a powerful tool for businesses in the industry. Customization in travel rewards and offerings...
View of travel beds on a membership travel club.
Insights 08/09/2023
Unlocking Revenue Streams – How Membership Travel Clubs Benefit Organizations
Travel spending has steadily increased over the past year — but has your organization tapped into the rising revenue? With the addition of a membership travel club, now you can. Membership travel clubs attract frequent travelers for exclusive vacation packages and appeal to current customers who will ramp up engagement in exchange for discounts and...
Group of company employees clapping at business membership marketing.
Insights 08/04/2023
The Membership Marketing Mindset: Embracing Authenticity to Fuel Growth
The digital landscape is so inundated by brand-focused content, brand-owned social media, and brand-operated campaigns that it makes the average consumer feel less like a member and more like a metric. How can your organization create genuine connections with your members in this sea of branded channels? The answer is to embrace authenticity in membership...
A Man standing in the airport using ai powered personalized recommendations for travel.
Insights 07/21/2023
Future of Travel Rewards: AI Revolutionizing Travel Marketing
Technology has long been the driving force behind the travel industry; however, recent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) technology might just change the future of travel and tourism for good. Artificial intelligence enables computers and machines to perform traditionally human tasks, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and in this case, revolutionizing travel marketing.  AI technology leverages...