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Woman traveling in Budapest using travel rewards benefits.
Insights 03/29/2023
How To Improve Customer Loyalty Programs With Travel Rewards Benefits
It is undeniable that customer loyalty is essential for businesses to succeed. A remarkable 86% of loyal shoppers go out of their way to recommend a brand they trust. To make the most out of this insight, companies can boost engagement and retention by introducing travel reward benefits into their extensive loyalty programs — something...
Reduce customer churn with travel rewards
Insights 03/27/2023
Reducing Churn with Membership Travel Perks
One of the most important factors to sustain and grow a business is customer retention. No matter how many new customers you have, if the customer attrition rate (number of customers who cancel or leave) is greater than customer retention, you will experience a loss in revenue. It is more cost effective to keep a...
traveler booking a trip through a travel platform
Insights 03/24/2023
6 Reasons to Add Travel Benefits to your Loyalty Program
Travel incentives remain one of the most reliable and relevant loyalty program perks for American consumers. American consumers take 2.29...
Employees discussing customer retention strategies banks can practice.
Insights 03/17/2023
Customer Retention Strategies for Banks & Financial Institutions
Customer retention is increasing a business’s repeat customer rate and extracting additional value from those customers. It is a multifaceted...
Arrivia’s resort and business development team celebrating alongside 3 industry awards won by arrivia at the 2023 GNEX Vacation Industry Awards
Events 03/13/2023
Arrivia wins 3 categories at the 2023 GNEX Vacation Industry Awards
We are excited to announce that our company won 3 industry awards at the Global Networking Experience (GNEX) conference in...
A video of arrivia Chief Technology Officer Firasat Hussain sharing his thoughts on connectivity and the end-to-end traveler experience
End-to-end travel experience
Watch our video featuring arrivia CTO Firasat Hussain sharing his thoughts on connectivity, automation and the end-to-end traveler experience.
A video of arrivia Chief Technology Officer Firasat Hussain sharing how emerging technologies can change the future travel experience
Emerging tech changing the travel experience
Augmented reality is set to change the travel experience. In our video, arrivia's CTO explains how AR and other emerging tech can shape the future of travel
A video of arrivia Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Zotara describing how the company helps drive growth for clients through its marketing
How arrivia drives member engagement with marketing
Watch arrivia's CMO Jeff Zotara discuss how our marketing drives member engagement and incremental revenue for our clients in this video.
A video of arrivia Chief Technology Officer Firasat Hussain sharing his thoughts on the role of AI and machine learning in the future of travel
The role of AI and machine learning in travel tech
Watch our video to hear arrivia's Chief Technology Officer Firasat Hussain share his thoughts on how AI and ML will impact the future of travel technology.
Arrivia India team members standing at their workplace which has been recertified for the 3rd consecutive year as a Great Place to Work
News 11/23/2022
Arrivia India is voted a Great Place to Work for the 3rd consecutive year
Arrivia India achieves recertification status as a Great Place to Work in 2022 through 2023.
Woman on laptop working abroad on holiday booked through her employer’s travel benefits program provided by arrivia
News 11/22/2022
Employer-sponsored travel benefits can help address turnover challenges
Arrivia Chief People & Diversity Officer Jennifer Strauel shares why employer-sponsored travel benefits help with employee recruitment and retention.
Woman using laptop to register for the Women of MENA in Technology Arizona launch event on December 1, 2022, hosted by arrivia
Events 11/18/2022
Arrivia hosts Women of MENA in Tech launch event
Arrivia together with Universal Electronics is hosting the Arizona launch event for Women of MENA in Tech on December 1, 2022.
A video of arrivia Chief Technology Officer Firasat Hussain sharing his thoughts on how our tech stack sets us apart from the competition
Arrivia technology differentiators
In this video arrivia's CTO Firasat Hussain discusses how our technology drives growth and enables customers to shop and book any kind of travel product.
Travellers enjoying a cruise they booked through a microsite developed by arrivia that highlighted the cruise provider’s new value-oriented offerings
Case Studies
Driving brand awareness through a new product category
To drive brand awareness and better position a cruise partner as a value-oriented provider, arrivia developed custom microsites to communicate the brand’s value proposition that were deployed across all member portals.
Infographic displaying recent traveler trends and preferences taken from an arrivia survey of US travel rewards members in Q3, 2022
Reports & Surveys 11/10/2022
Uncovering the preferences of a travel rewards program member [infographic]
The reward factor: How the travel preferences of loyalty program members stack up against the typical American leisure traveler. Value...
A video of arrivia Chief Product Officer Alan Josephs explaining what makes arrivia different from its competitors
What differentiates arrivia?
In this video Chief Product Officer Alan Josephs explains what separates arrivia from its competitors.